Thursday, July 24, 2008

Need a Boost for the Weekend?

The fine folks at Cotum Publishing recently released their HypnoRitual Series of brainwave programming and entrainment recordings.

For $67, you can take advantage of the basic series, which includes "two or three hours" (per a post to the XtremeMind discussion forums). That package includes four stages of recordings (including Morning Energy, Social Skills Booster, Charisma Enhancer, Ultimate Relaxation, Mind Mapper, Personal Power, Negative Thought Destroyer, Memory Healing, Astral Affirmations, Journey Into Greatness, Sex Magnet, Trance Inducer, and two exlusive bonus tracks -- Alpha Project X and Transmissions From Your Greater Self.

For a mere $30 more, you can add three additional recordings: Stop Smoking Entrainment, Natural Ecstasy, and Master Meditation.

To sweeten the deal, they're offering a free sample, The Weekend Boost, reportedly the "file that started it all."

While I've not listened to anything but the sample -- which runs about seven minutes in length -- I'm intrigued. Might be worth checking out.

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