Friday, July 25, 2008

Attracting Genuine Love E-Course

Until midnight tomorrow, The Hendricks Institute Foundation for Conscious Living is offering a special cut rate on the Attracting Genuine Love E-Course taught by Drs, Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks.

In Attracting Genuine Love you’ll discover things about yourself and about love that you’ve never seen before. You’ll discover the one thing that blocks you from attracting genuine love into your life; you’ll experience the three inner shifts that change your entire approach to relationships; you’ll feel the power of the “Three Absolute Yes’s And No’s” to stop attracting the wrong kind of person and “beam in” the right kind of person for you; you’ll also get a big array of extra features and resources that make the journey easy and fun.

For $77 -- usually $97 -- you get access to the 21-session online course; the Attracting Genuine Love Journal, a workbook focusing on the course’s principles; a special report, "What Every Single Person Should Know About Relationships;" and "The Most Frequently-Asked Questions About Love And Relationships."

If you sign up by the end of tomorrow, you'll also get five bonuses: a 9-part video, "The Conscious Heart," which demonstrates the seven key skills of Conscious Relationships; "A Month of Relationship Appreciations," a report covering unique ways to share your appreciation for loved ones; "Why Men Have Difficulty Forming Close Love Relationships With Women;" a free meditation from IAM Course creator Steven Sashen; and a list of the "Best Relationship Movies of All Time."

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