Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Journey to the Infinite

To Robert Scheinfeld, the ultimate reality is that we are spiritual beings who have convinced themselves that they are mere human beings possessing all of the failings and foibles characteristic of humans. We are infinite beings who have taken on physical form to play the human game.

His Journey to the Infinite program purports to help us become fully aware of our potential as these infinite beings and live a better life because we cognizant of the human game we're playing. Scheinfeld offers a guided tour of his ideas and the project online, using technology developed by Articulate.

The introduction is a little stilted and slow moving, but his ideas have potential -- and his experiences in the human development world for the last few decades could have uncovered something really useful. His remarks on the "self-help industry" are pretty insightful.

For $500, what the course costs, you get a ton of material -- 15 DVDs (including four movies that resonate with his ideas), audio recordings of the DVD material, transcripts of the material, worksheets and toolkits, and additional material. That's a lot of moolah; has anyone checked out the course? Post your impressions here.


Anonymous said...

Hi - my name is Chris; I've recently ordered journey to the infinite and am looking forward to receiving it. I will keep you updated. If you want to check out my blog please do - I will bookmark yours.



halinagold said...


I've been working with this material for several years. I haven't seen any reviews of this specific course yet, but have posted something about it at
I hope this helps.

Joyful greetings